Tuesday, January 30, 2018

“Coming Home”

I still have a number of projects from 2017 i’ll get around to posting eventually.  But here is number1 of 2018. The pattern is from “Man Sewing”of Missouri Star Quilt co.  (coming-home-quilt-pattern-by-rob-appell)

I just finished it up Saturday! It will hang in my husband’s office after a “tour” to show if off to a few friends and family.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Major Quilting done last year!

I've always considered myself a sewer/crafter, but hubby is referring to me more and more as a "quilter" - I still have so much practicing to do on that - especially the free motion on the Long Arm.   But with the help of Jenny Doan (queen of Missouri Star Quilting and master of the short cut Youtube tutorials), Angela Walters (aka "The Midnight Quilter"), and Lori Kennedy (theinboxjaunt.com) I'm making my way.....

These first three are quilts we gave as gifts to the chaperones from Motegi this year - August 2017.  If you have read any past posts (or rather the right past posts) you know what that means - in brief a group of middle school Japanese students visits our town/schools every couple of years.

The one below was so long that I had to hang it side way on my rack - this picture is actually turned on it's side!

More bags - I started with them, they will always return!

All gifts - - the first to the wife of a retiring University President (the lighting stinks, I'm sorry)!


These two - one (the brown/yellow/orange) went to this years retired teacher luncheon - I send one every year.  The other - OMG, I forgot where we sent that one!

This one has the sweetest story to it - a little girl in my daughter's class was recently adopted.  My daughter wanted her to have something with her new last name on it (which I've blocked out - privacy/permissions reasons - but you get the idea!).  Its one of those backpack/string bags:

Baby, oh Baby!

If you've seen it, you might remember an earlier blog where I made baby things for my daughter's babysitter.  Since "other one" grandma retired and now takes care of the boys, they no longer go to Ms. Marla, but daughter keeps in touch and this past year big brother had a birthday

and a baby brother

In addition, a former student of mine is now a teacher in our district herself and she just had a baby ("Baby J") last year:

Isn't this Cape bib a hoot?!  I've made a couple - one (I think this one) went to "Baby J", too and the other to one of our principal's new baby.  

Who said Dinos were extinct?

Once again, Pinterest inspiration - I looked for months at these dinosaur tails on Pinterest and finally made two for the grandsons:

They had SO much fun with them - #2 figured out how to swipe his tail over his head at everyone - so cute!  So, I made six more that we gave to several friends for their kids and grandkids:

Can you Believe it's 2018?

I do really stink at this blogging thing. It's been so long that I actually had trouble getting logged in and there was a whole new 'theme' to blogger's landing page!! I intend to post many many pictures of 2017 projects so come on back very soon!!

Let's just start, however, with my favorite of the year!  The Speedway Main Street T-shirt quilt.  I made this for the Chamber of Commerce auction in November 2017.  It now hangs in the Yogulatte shop on Main Street!  Lot's of fun making this one! (Lighting is much better where it's hanging now!)

Oh - and Grandma brag - - - grandson's/family project for preschool - a 100 day t-shirt.  granson #1 is crazy about Mario Bros (oh, so is grandson #2... well...).  As much of my inspiration does, I got this idea from Pinterest.  I think ours looks better, but then it also had more of an adult hand in it, though the boys did place the gold coins on the shirt.  So, I found an embroidery design of Mario and I made the pipe appliques as they were pretty easy without a pattern.  The coins are made from iron on glitter material I found at Michael's and punched with a 1 inch circle punch.  Then Grandson #1 and I sat at the dining table to put the coins on the shirt - we were soon joined by grandson #2, "me put coins on"....