Monday, July 30, 2012

At Long Last.....

I thought about titling this "What did I get myself into?"  Or more accurately, "what did my lovely daughter get me into?"  But now that it's finally done, I guess it doesn't matter.  

I made a memory quilt for my daughter out of a number of her high school and college T-Shirts and soon after had two bags of t-shirts from her friend and her husband.  I finally finished the one for her friend.  And with extra "blocks", I also threw together a quick bag to put the Memory Quilt in.   Now to just get it i the mail on its way to them.....

Saturday, July 14, 2012

New Machine- first fruits

I just purchased a Brother 6700D - a beautiful full feature machine I'm just learning to use.

The bag below is the first thing I made on the new machine.  Like my other bags so far, this one had a home even before it was started.   A lady in the hubby's office - the A with "Orioles" on it if for the school in a nearby town where she lives and her husband works. 

The shirt is a new feature on this machine - you can print a back ground image on transfer paper, iron that on your material or garment, then stitch parts of the scene "ready made" programed to fit right on the background. This particular one is kind of intricate - 45 color changes, 96 minutes - I probably won't try that one again. And finally, the denim bag - I created the CC - Cottey College applique and added it to the bag. Cottey, being my Alma Mater, and a local girl is on her way there this fall - a few area alumna are gathering together to wish her well and give her a few things to take with her.