Thursday, October 22, 2015

Memory Bears #2 & 3

Grandson #2 - still just an infant, he has grown so fast I was able to snatch up three itty-bitty sleepers and get this one made up for him right away!  (the weird looking tan on the bear's feet is my attempt at removing any identifying features in the photo - his name is on the left foot and his DOB on the right - same goes for the girly bear below....).

And #3 - a little girl - isn't she sweet? This was made for a friend whose granddaughter just turned 1!  I loved the animal print but it was just one little pair of pants so not a lot to go around. I was afraid with just the outer legs, it would look out of place. Adding the heart and the bow helped to unify it and make it look a part of the whole. 

A Little Monster....

Pinterest is a great place to gather/store inspiration.  One problem with it, however, is quite often the links become broken.  I saw these really cute Monster Bibs on Pinterest and added it to one of my board, but when ready to make the bib, I was unable to follow the link to a tutorial or pattern or anything.  I tried a Google search but that resulted in so many more images of bibs like this, eh....   I just winged it and came up with this beauty!  Isn't it adorable?