Saturday, January 23, 2016

Race totes!!

A special request for four sisters who really love the Indy 500!  Predominately checkered, I worked in a few colors representing other race flags and lending to a personal touch for each sister, including their name embroidered inside one of the straps.

Here they are all ready for pickup!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Baby Lock Crown Jewel II

I finally did it - with more than a little encouragement from the hubby, I bought a long arm quilter with frame.  I did stop short of the robotics and software. The original plan is/was to upgrade to that a year or two, forcing me to learn how to use this from the ground up.  But I am having so much fun with it as is, I may just forget the robotics.  We'll see!

I've been practicing on scrapes and on the Row by Row Experience Quilt that's been sitting around two years now. This week I decided time to put it all together.  I purchased a "Layer Cake" of Moda fabric called ""Reel Time by Zen Chic". On Tuesday I pieced together this quilt top:
And a few days later, I quilted it with the Baby Lock Crown Jewel II - so much fun!  Look close enough and you'll see many "mistakes" but I'm a beginner and it's not going to any contest.  From a distance as a whole, I think it looks so cool. And incredibly in just a couple of days, I have a finished lap quilt.  That's so cool!